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Great Big Sky (Naked Remixes)

by Daryl Wayne Dasher

Released 2015
Hike The Stone Music
Released 2015
Hike The Stone Music
This album features remixed versions of the songs from "Great Big Sky". Here, the tracks have been stripped down to the bare minimum instrumentally and most of the effects have been removed. A more organic version of an already organic album if you will.
  • 03:02 Download Lyrics Follow Me (Naked Remix)

    Follow Me (True Love is Harder to Find)

    (C) Prodigal Daughter Music, BMI / Fox Lake Music, BMI

    Words and Music by: Roger Alan Wade / Tom Grant


    If I was a one man band would you follow me

    Bring your cello and your poems and follow me

    Down the highways of this land with no guarantees

    Trust your faith to the wind and follow me


    If my hands pushed a plow would you stand by me

    Through the floods and the droughts, stand by me

    Patch my worn out clothes and share my dreams

    Brush your hair with sandalwood and stand by me


    Truth ain’t some stone buried deep in the mountain

    And love ain’t just roses and wine

    Truth is a journey for one in ten thousand

    And true love is even harder to find


    If I sailed off to war would you wait for me

    Stand on the shore and wave for me

    With a lock of my hair pray my soul to keep

    And if I was gone too long would you wait for me


    And in my final hour would you pray for me

    Close your eyes and holds my hand and pray for me

    Light some candles now and then and keep my gravestone clean

    Remember me to my children and pray for me

  • 03:30 Download Lyrics Ride Along (Naked Remix)

    Ride Along

    © 2012 Hike the Stone, BMI

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


    What do you get working over time?

    Working on that line is it happiness?

    What is it all for? You’ve bought yourself a door

    To a tight little room filled with emptiness


    I know what it’s like to be tied down

    So you focus on those stakes

    And one by one you pull them out


    Ride along, go find your peace in life

    Where the only thing that can swallow you

    Is that great big sky

    Ride along, now what could go so wrong

    Where the only thing that can follow you

    Are the tears in your eyes?


    It won’t be so bad, at least you won’t dry up

    If there’s one thing that is certain man it’s loneliness

    So don’t you get so mad, everyone trips up

    The only thing it means is that you’ve hit the dust


    So ride along…

  • 03:46 Download Lyrics I've Tried (Naked Remix)

    I’ve Tried (I’m Dry)

    © 2010 Hike the Stone, BMI / Whiskey Begonias, ASCAP

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher / Andrew R. Adkins


    Can you hear me now?

    I’ve been talking to you for an hour

    I’ve tried


    Are you listening?

    I’m trying to tell you that I could never be the one

    Though I’ve tried to keep you satisfied


    Cold winds blow me away as I try to

    Try to repay you for nothing, no nothing

    Still you stare at the walls and expect me to

    Take care of it all but I’m dry, Lord I’m dry


    So are you with me now?

    Please don’t you dare fall back inside

    Please don’t you hide


    If I thought it might, then I would stay to help you

    Lead you blindly through this life

    I have tried, but it’s your turn to fight

  • 03:25 Download Lyrics Leave the Rest Alone (Naked Remix)

    Leave the Rest Alone

    © 2010 Hike the Stone, BMI

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


    It appears we’re in a time of indecision

    A time when most things just don’t feel right

    In between the dawn and the collision

    That seems inevitable yet just out of sight

     And it’s alright to feel a little uneasy

    Or scared when something shows you to your soul

    Just stand true as the times they are going to be changing

    I don’t believe that we’re destined to lose control


    Do you feel the storm a comin’?

    Do we all feel the same?

    Are we heading toward the places that we’ve already been?
    Have we learned nothing

     as much as we’ve grown?

    Love yourself, love your brothers

    And leave the rest alone


    It gets hard to see the good through all the evil

    In the years when times are tough and war is nigh

    When it feels wrong to shake the hand of a stranger

    Then fear has won the devils delight

    So that’s why you’ll find me smiling at you stranger

    For together we’re much stronger than apart

    If we’re all equal little parts of a much larger picture

    We could pull ourselves together and heal the wounded hearts

  • 03:24 Download Lyrics Take You Home (Naked Remix)

    Take You Home

    © 2011 Hike the Stone, BMI

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


    Now we could talk for hours about

    The way things ought to be

    The people and the places that we love

    But tonight I want to get to know

    Just how you feel for me

    And show you all the things I’m thinking of

    Uh-huh, I’m thinking of


    For it’s all I can do to take my eyes off and hands away

    From all the perfect parts of you I like

    So if what your eyes are telling me is that you wouldn’t disagree

    With doing something right no matter who says it’s wrong

    Then I’d like to take you home with me tonight


    If I only had a nickel for every time you’ve blown my mind

    Or left me staring speechless into space

    I might take you out to dinner or buy myself a little time

    To find the way to gently make my case

    Uh-huh, I’d make my case


    For it’s all I can do to take control of the situation

    Neither one of us seem all that strong

    So if you think you could handle it I think we both could benefit

    From doing something right, let them all say it’s wrong

    ‘Cause I’d love to take you home with me tonight

  • 03:25 Download Lyrics Soldier (Naked Remix)


    © 2012 Hike the Stone, BMI

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


    I’m coughing and I’m coughing, no rest can I get

    For it’s “third tour of duty night” here in my head

    I’m tied to my bed by a net of black ink

    One string for each thought I’d rather not think


    And I know it’s not something a soldier’s supposed to say

    But I’m tired and I’ve had enough war


    There’s corn outside my window in fall

    Then come the winter, nothing at all

    Spring brings a rain that cuts through my bones

    That’s usually the time that I’m leaving home


    I hope, dear God, that I’ve done nothing wrong

    Please stand by my children until I can get home

    Then if that is something you’ve got time to do

    Please stand by me and my buddies too

  • 03:33 Download Lyrics Mountains of Montana (Naked)

    Mountains of Montana

    (C) 2012, Hike the Stone Music

    Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


    I’m going back to the mountains of Montana

    Back where my heart has never left

    Back to the mountains of Montana

    If I don’t go my soul will never rest


    I don’t want to live in no flatlands

    I’d done my share of that when I was a child

    I’ve done my time in the South in the city, man ole man

    I’d rather take my chances on the wild


    Don’t bury me my friends in no graveyard

    Don’t you lay me down in some forgotten tomb

    Spread half my ashes down in Yellowstone

    And toss the rest up high in the Beartooth Mountains

Daryl Wayne Dasher: Vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass, percussion, harmonica
Rodney Russell: Percussion
Karri Lee: Fiddle

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