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Long Road Now

by Daryl Dasher

Released 2009
Hike The Stone Music
Released 2009
Hike The Stone Music
Produced by Jerry "Jigger" Bridges, Recorded in Belmont, MS, features members of Waylon Jennings' "Waylors" band.
  • 03:51 Lyrics Lesson In Loneliness

    Lesson In Loneliness

    (Jerry Bridges, Brian Epps)


    Intro: E | E  (G A) | E | E (G A) | E | E |


    VERSE 1:

                                  D     A                                   E

    I didn’t bring you roses, I didn’t kiss you goodnight

                                 D           A                            E

    I didn’t say that I love you, I didn’t hold you tight

                                    D            A                                        E

    You told me not to leave you, and if I did that you’d be gone

                                                    D         A                                      E

    I thought that you would still be here, you wouldn’t leave me alone



                           D           A            E                      D              A          E

    You gave me my first lesson in loneliness, and taught me how to cry

                     D      A           E                  G    A    E

    You gave me a lesson I won’t forget even if I try

                           D            A               E                        D                            A         B

    I should have held you closer and tried my best, to be there when you needed me

                     D       A          E                      G            A         E      G            A       E | E  (G A) | E | E

    You gave me a lesson I won’t forget, a lesson in loneliness, a lesson in loneliness


    VERSE 2:


    Now I know how lonely feels, I was a fool for leaving you

    These restless night are more than I can take, and these tears that fall are real

    I can feel this pain inside, I feel cold and alone

    So if this is how lonely feels, I can’t go on alone




    D | A | E | E |

    D        A                     E       D             A                       E

    Mmmmmm… loneliness,  MmmmmHmmm… loneliness

  • 03:37 Lyrics Yesterdays


    © 2007 Hike The Stone Music, BMI

    Words & Music by Daryl Dasher


    Yesterday, I wish it didn’t happen

    But it did and now I’ll pay

    And I’ll keep paying for all I’ve done Lord

    Until all of my yesterdays are over


    I don’t know

    What’s become of my conscience

    I don’t know what’s become of my life

    I can just hope I get a few more tomorrows

    To make everything all right


    But tonight I’ve got this brand new roll of smoke

    This bottle I can hide in

    And when I’m through I’ll use it to dig myself this grave

    That I will die in, but then again

    Yesterday, I swear I didn’t mean to

    Wake up there on the kitchen floor

    And yesterday I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you

    Bet I’ve said things before


    I’ll think it over once again

    I’ve got to get over this once again

    And I’ll think it over once again 

  • 03:59 No Regrets (For Anything I've Never Done)
  • 04:45 My Friend
  • 03:04 The Next Wind
  • 04:14 Devil Woman
  • 03:40 Loving Her Was Easier
  • 04:36 Lyrics Long Road Now

    Long Road Now

    Words & Music by Daryl Dasher

    © 2009 Hike The Stone Music, BMI


    If two wrongs could make it right

    Would it be well worth the fight?

    Couldn’t two fools just get along?

    It’s a long road now, a long road now


    Could hunger really end hunger?

    Could war really end war?

    Wouldn’t we just ask for more

    Further down the road? Further down the road


    Hard times lead to immoralities

    I’ll find peace inside of me

    All signs may lead us towards a better road


    Maybe sunshine to end rain

    Maybe time can heal the shame

    Wouldn’t it be sad if it were all in vein?

    Further down the road?  Further down the road


    It’s a long road now, a long road now.

  • 03:02 Shotgun
  • 03:35 I Saw The Master

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