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Follow Me (True Love Is Harder to Find)

Daryl Wayne Dasher
Roger Alan Wade / Tom Grant


Follow Me (True Love is Harder to Find)

(C) Prodigal Daughter Music, BMI / Fox Lake Music, BMI

Words and Music by: Roger Alan Wade / Tom Grant


If I was a one man band would you follow me

Bring your cello and your poems and follow me

Down the highways of this land with no guarantees

Trust your faith to the wind and follow me


If my hands pushed a plow would you stand by me

Through the floods and the droughts, stand by me

Patch my worn out clothes and share my dreams

Brush your hair with sandalwood and stand by me


Truth ain’t some stone buried deep in the mountain

And love ain’t just roses and wine

Truth is a journey for one in ten thousand

And true love is even harder to find


If I sailed off to war would you wait for me

Stand on the shore and wave for me

With a lock of my hair pray my soul to keep

And if I was gone too long would you wait for me


And in my final hour would you pray for me

Close your eyes and holds my hand and pray for me

Light some candles now and then and keep my gravestone clean

Remember me to my children and pray for me

Next stop...

  • December 14, 2019
    Moon City Music and Event Center, Wapakoneta, OH


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