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Lesson In Loneliness

Daryl Dasher
Daryl Dasher


Lesson In Loneliness

(Jerry Bridges, Brian Epps)


Intro: E | E  (G A) | E | E (G A) | E | E |



                              D     A                                   E

I didn’t bring you roses, I didn’t kiss you goodnight

                             D           A                            E

I didn’t say that I love you, I didn’t hold you tight

                                D            A                                        E

You told me not to leave you, and if I did that you’d be gone

                                                D         A                                      E

I thought that you would still be here, you wouldn’t leave me alone



                       D           A            E                      D              A          E

You gave me my first lesson in loneliness, and taught me how to cry

                 D      A           E                  G    A    E

You gave me a lesson I won’t forget even if I try

                       D            A               E                        D                            A         B

I should have held you closer and tried my best, to be there when you needed me

                 D       A          E                      G            A         E      G            A       E | E  (G A) | E | E

You gave me a lesson I won’t forget, a lesson in loneliness, a lesson in loneliness




Now I know how lonely feels, I was a fool for leaving you

These restless night are more than I can take, and these tears that fall are real

I can feel this pain inside, I feel cold and alone

So if this is how lonely feels, I can’t go on alone




D | A | E | E |

D        A                     E       D             A                       E

Mmmmmm… loneliness,  MmmmmHmmm… loneliness

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