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Take You Home (Naked Remix)

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Daryl Wayne Dasher
Daryl W. Dasher


Take You Home

© 2011 Hike the Stone, BMI

Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher


Now we could talk for hours about

The way things ought to be

The people and the places that we love

But tonight I want to get to know

Just how you feel for me

And show you all the things I’m thinking of

Uh-huh, I’m thinking of


For it’s all I can do to take my eyes off and hands away

From all the perfect parts of you I like

So if what your eyes are telling me is that you wouldn’t disagree

With doing something right no matter who says it’s wrong

Then I’d like to take you home with me tonight


If I only had a nickel for every time you’ve blown my mind

Or left me staring speechless into space

I might take you out to dinner or buy myself a little time

To find the way to gently make my case

Uh-huh, I’d make my case


For it’s all I can do to take control of the situation

Neither one of us seem all that strong

So if you think you could handle it I think we both could benefit

From doing something right, let them all say it’s wrong

‘Cause I’d love to take you home with me tonight

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  • December 14, 2019
    Moon City Music and Event Center, Wapakoneta, OH


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