Daryl Dasher
Daryl W. Dasher



© 2007 Hike The Stone Music, BMI

Words & Music by Daryl Dasher


Yesterday, I wish it didn’t happen

But it did and now I’ll pay

And I’ll keep paying for all I’ve done Lord

Until all of my yesterdays are over


I don’t know

What’s become of my conscience

I don’t know what’s become of my life

I can just hope I get a few more tomorrows

To make everything all right


But tonight I’ve got this brand new roll of smoke

This bottle I can hide in

And when I’m through I’ll use it to dig myself this grave

That I will die in, but then again

Yesterday, I swear I didn’t mean to

Wake up there on the kitchen floor

And yesterday I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you

Bet I’ve said things before


I’ll think it over once again

I’ve got to get over this once again

And I’ll think it over once again