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Elvis Blues

Daryl Wayne Dasher
Daryl W. Dasher


Elvis Blues:

Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher (Hike the Stone Music, BMI)



I’d like to tell the story about how my week began

I was on my laptop calculator, I was typing numbers in

When suddenly a bird flew down the hallway through the door

And them numbers didn’t hold a single meaning anymore

He sang us all a song he said he’d like to call the Elvis Blues


Well you might not believe me when I tell you what came next

It’s like that bird had laid upon me some voodoo kind of hex

I sprouted wings and flew right through the sky so warm and blue

I swear I started singing in a voice I thought I knew

And I just couldn’t kick ‘em, man, them low down Elvis Blues


Well Tuesday it came quickly and I thought I got this licked

Got the hang of my new wings, I was diving just for kicks

And them worms tasted better than they did when I’s a kid

With a voice I thought I liked I sang my brand-new tune

It’s a little strain I’ve come to name the Elvis Blues


Well Wednesday was alright, but I’s wondering what came next

Just how long would I stay like this and should I build a nest?

I flew on down to the Depot, after all I ain’t no slacker

I saw a man inside who looked just like Marty Lacker

I thought that I’d just sing for him my brand-new Elvis Blues


Marty, he jumped back, looked just like he’d seen a ghost

And instead of feeling wings, I started feeling toes

Marty, he took off out the window like a crow


I stole his car and followed him, now is that such a sin?

I just had to know what happened, had to hear that song again

He flew on down to Graceland but couldn’t afford to get in

So he found himself a wire where there weren’t no parking dues

And he sang straight to the fans his brand-new Elvis Blues


Friday morning found me in my office at my desk

I just couldn’t explain the sinking feeling in my chest

I shut my laptop calculator and solemnly I quit

Grabbed my guitar and a capo and a half a dozen picks

And I found a real cool crowd to croon my brand-new Elvis Blues

Next stop...

  • December 14, 2019
    Moon City Music and Event Center, Wapakoneta, OH


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