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Old Friend

Daryl Wayne Dasher
Daryl W. Dasher


Old Friend:

Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher (Hike the Stone Music, BMI)



Midnight, and here I am again

Alone and looking for a friend I once knew

It used to be I’d never have to look this far

So now I know that I’ve pushed you away



Do you recall that day out on the river?

Tangled up in weeds, I couldn’t reach the top

And just before my buddies came to lift me out

I heard your voice and I had no doubts



Back then I never questioned who you were or why you came

Because I talked with you each and every day

I knew you’d always loved me and I’d loved you just the same

But then the world got in and swept that all away

Old Friend, what can I say?



I think I know exactly when it started

Seventeen and everything was changing fast

And when everything once so concrete came crumbling down

I’d already set my mind on getting out



Because I had so many questions, who I was and who to blame

For all the contradictions that I had found

I started getting angry at the games I thought you played

But looking back I know that wasn’t you

Old Friend, what can I do?



Now it’s been so many years

So many joys, so many fears

I know I’m blessed to have the friends I’ve got

I know I’ve probably let you down

At least a million times by now

But in this darkest hour, somehow

Old Friend, I feel you now



I don’t have to question who are or why you came

Because no one else could make me feel this safe

I know you’ll always love me and I’ll love you just the same

Let the world get in and say what they might say

Old Friend, I’m glad you stayed

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  • December 14, 2019
    Moon City Music and Event Center, Wapakoneta, OH


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