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The Hat Song

Daryl Wayne Dasher
Daryl W. Dasher


The Hat Song:

Words & Music: Daryl W. Dasher (Hike the Stone Music/BMI)



I was walking through my hometown mall

When a young child pointed at me

He said “Mama look, a cowboy. 

That’s what I want to be”

I smiled at them and tipped my hat

Good feelings crept inside

Until the image of a bull rider

Came to full sight in my mind



Because this hat ain’t no cowboy’s hat

It’s just a way of looking back

On a childhood dream I wasn’t meant to be able to grasp

I ain’t worth this hat

The rodeo reminds me of that



How many times have we had our faith

Put up to the test

By another’s testimony

Of what he feels is best

But when disaster strikes him down

Despite all he claims to believe

He’s the very man that folds his hands

And falls down upon his knees



Please don’t think that I am trying to preach

I wasn’t put on this Earth to teach

Are we really what we’re believed to be

Reflect what others see

And are you worth your hat

Do the genuine remind you of that



Sometimes I look back on this life

I wonder if it’s what it seems

Is it reality that I’ve been living

Or just that childhood dream



Now this torn and tattered spirit

These old and dusty clothes

Are the ones that just fit me

Not some image that I chose

I finally know just who I am

It’s all in how you live

To know the difference between those who ride

And the ones who wish they did

Next stop...

  • December 14, 2019
    Moon City Music and Event Center, Wapakoneta, OH


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