“Dasher sounds drifting planes dusty, and sings like he’s imbibed from the right waters” -”

Jazz Weekly

“Each tune is crafted with care & arranged with an unmistakable vibe & authenticity” ” - John Apice


“The haunting sound of the voice of Daryl Wayne Dasher leaves an awakened spot in my soul that was not there before. He captures your ear, heart, and soul all at the same time” ” - Dena Wood

— Country Music News International

“For those amongst us who struggle with mainstream country of the 21st century, longing for something with more twang, truth, and a real message, Daryl Wayne Dasher is the perfect antidote.” ”

Nashville Gab

“With his mix of traditional country and folk storytelling, sweet melodies, expressive and rich vocals, and smart, poignant, and sometimes piercing lyrics, Daryl Wayne Dasher makes a strong case for the continued relevance of Western music in the mainstream landscape."” - Deb Bose


Daryl Dasher's unique rolling baritone slides into the listener's soul and takes up residence. A dynamic, commanding and uninhibited performer, Dasher's star power lies in his ability to truly connect.” - Richard Deihn

— Outlaw Magazine

““(I) can't remember when I've heard a more authentic Country CD coming from someone as young as Daryl”…”I believe his name is one that could be mentioned when the question is asked, 'who's gonna fill their shoes'”. ”” - Denise Williams

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