From the recording Great Big Sky

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<p><strong>Follow Me </strong><strong><em>(True Love is Harder to Find)</em></strong></p>
<p>(C) Prodigal Daughter Music, BMI / Fox Lake Music, BMI</p>
<p>Words and Music by: Roger Alan Wade / Tom Grant</p>
<p>If I was a one man band would you follow me</p>
<p>Bring your cello and your poems and follow me</p>
<p>Down the highways of this land with no guarantees</p>
<p>Trust your faith to the wind and follow me</p>
<p>If my hands pushed a plow would you stand by me</p>
<p>Through the floods and the droughts, stand by me</p>
<p>Patch my worn out clothes and share my dreams</p>
<p>Brush your hair with sandalwood and stand by me</p>
<p>Truth ain&rsquo;t some stone buried deep in the mountain</p>
<p>And love ain&rsquo;t just roses and wine</p>
<p>Truth is a journey for one in ten thousand</p>
<p>And true love is even harder to find</p>
<p>If I sailed off to war would you wait for me</p>
<p>Stand on the shore and wave for me</p>
<p>With a lock of my hair pray my soul to keep</p>
<p>And if I was gone too long would you wait for me</p>
<p>And in my final hour would you pray for me</p>
<p>Close your eyes and holds my hand and pray for me</p>
<p>Light some candles now and then and keep my gravestone clean</p>
<p>Remember me to my children and pray for me</p>