1. Hello Sky!

From the recording Great Big Sky

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<p><strong>Hello Sky!</strong></p>
<p>(C) 2010, Hike the Stone Music</p>
<p>Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher</p>
<p>I don&rsquo;t know the reason for</p>
<p>The way that I&rsquo;ve been acting</p>
<p>I guess I&rsquo;ve just been hungry for</p>
<p>A little reaction</p>
<p>From the one that I hold closer than</p>
<p>A baby holds its mama when it&rsquo;s scared</p>
<p>I wish I could explain away</p>
<p>Things I do, things I say</p>
<p>The way I skate in circles around</p>
<p>Every situation I can&rsquo;t bare</p>
<p>So &lsquo;till I&rsquo;m there</p>
<p>Hello sky!&nbsp; Welcome rain</p>
<p>Welcome anything that I could never change</p>
<p>Goodbye friends, you&rsquo;ve sure been good to me</p>
<p>But until I learn to change my ways</p>
<p>Deserve the things that come my way</p>
<p>I&rsquo;d rather find a hole and climb inside</p>
<p>I&rsquo;ll keep on trying</p>
<p>Now I don&rsquo;t need a reason for</p>
<p>The things that I&rsquo;ve been after</p>
<p>Like a little more hope</p>
<p>A lot more laughter</p>
<p>I can tell you now the things I do</p>
<p>Aren&rsquo;t hurting anybody if myself</p>
<p>I wish I could just melt away</p>
<p>Things that glue, things that stay</p>
<p>And set my wings a sailin&rsquo;</p>
<p>O&rsquo;r waters I was sure would never dry</p>
<p>But one more time</p>
<p>Freedom like the blood</p>
<p>That rushes steady through my veins</p>
<p>I can&rsquo;t live without it</p>
<p>And without it we are so mundane</p>