1. Take You Home

From the recording Great Big Sky

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<p><strong>Take You Home</strong></p>
<p>&copy; 2011 Hike the Stone, BMI</p>
<p>Words and Music by: Daryl W. Dasher</p>
<p>Now we could talk for hours about</p>
<p>The way things ought to be</p>
<p>The people and the places that we love</p>
<p>But tonight I want to get to know</p>
<p>Just how you feel for me</p>
<p>And show you all the things I&rsquo;m thinking of</p>
<p>Uh-huh, I&rsquo;m thinking of</p>
<p>For it&rsquo;s all I can do to take my eyes off and hands away</p>
<p>From all the perfect parts of you I like</p>
<p>So if what your eyes are telling me is that you wouldn&rsquo;t disagree</p>
<p>With doing something right no matter who says it&rsquo;s wrong</p>
<p>Then I&rsquo;d like to take you home with me tonight</p>
<p>If I only had a nickel for every time you&rsquo;ve blown my mind</p>
<p>Or left me staring speechless into space</p>
<p>I might take you out to dinner or buy myself a little time</p>
<p>To find the way to gently make my case</p>
<p>Uh-huh, I&rsquo;d make my case</p>
<p>For it&rsquo;s all I can do to take control of the situation</p>
<p>Neither one of us seem all that strong</p>
<p>So if you think you could handle it I think we both could benefit</p>
<p>From doing something right, let them all say it&rsquo;s wrong</p>
<p>&lsquo;Cause I&rsquo;d love to take you home with me tonight</p>